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Fixed Deposit Returns Demystified

– Does the above ticker looks/sounds familiar? YES, its not uncommon to see the above ticker advertisement on various media platforms – print, tv, internet, mobile… its almost everywhere. AND eye-popping returns in the above ticker generally gets registered in

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Living through your Golden Years – Your most expensive Financial Liability

Retirement Planning and Expense Analysis for 35 year old individual planning to retire at the age of 58 years with current Monthly Basic Living Expenses of Rs. 25000 for Self and Spouse

Comfortable Post-retirement living maintaining atleast similar life-style and standard is something that all of us aspire and dream about. Typically, by that time, most of us tend to be free from majority of our financial obligations- kids are settled or

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Mutual Funds Taxation in India- Your Ready Reckoner for FY14-15

Income from Mutual Funds can either be in the form of Capital Gains (Short-term or Long-Term) arising out of redemption/sale of units or Dividends distributed by Mutual Fund Schemes. As per current tax laws, Dividend declared by Mutual Funds is

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Money Market Mutual Funds – Are you reaping the benefits?

Money Market Mutual Funds are in existence for over 20 years now, however, is one of the less known and extremely under penetrated Mutual-Fund category as far as Individual investors are concerned. Majority of the individuals still have the impression

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Annualized Returns or CAGR – Which one you should consider?

Returns that our investments generate or have the potential to generate is an important aspect that we all should pay attention to, however, given the varied range of financial instruments or products, not all use the same yardstick to measure

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